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This little devil umbrella is so cute and creative. It features anti-UV coating process to guarantee the umbrella cloth is opaque. Its UPF is more than 50, which is in accordance with the national standard to sun umbrella. Three colors available, pink/yellow/blue, you can choose your favorite one. Black Stitching Reinforcement of the Lacquer That Bake The ribs of the umbrella adopt stitching reinforcement, even in strong wind it won't bent, durable to use and look beautiful. Anti-Shedding Umbrella Bead Exquisite water drop umbrella bead shows the umbrella details, via special processing, effectively avoid shedding, simple but great. Waterproof Umbrella Surface Design Pure black color, the umbrella adopts vinyl cloth, the anti-splash coating process. Comfortable Grip Handle Modified design to give you comfortable handling feel. All Black Umbrella Stand of the Lacquer That Bake 8 Ribs to provide the umbrella support. Specifications Umbrella Cloth MaterialPongee Umbrella Rib MaterialSteel Umbrella Rib Number8 Close Way Manual Open Way Manual Umbrella Handle MaterialPlastic TypeFolding Cloth Density190T Diameter97cm Package Weight350g Package Size24 x 6 x 6 cm Package Contents 1 x Umbrella, 1 x Pouch
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